[CentOS] Filter web content in a LAN ?

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Tue Mar 9 17:44:23 UTC 2010

m.roth at 5-cent.us a écrit :

> Satanism? What, you're going to filter all religion?

Let's say www.rotten.com is still a favourite among the local 
youngsters. Not exactly family-friendly. (When I was that age, long 
before the Internet became popular, we only had "Faces Of Death" on VHS :oD)

> For that matter, is this *only* for children? If not, then the mayor is
> depriving the adult users of their rights of free speech (assuming this is
> in the US).

No, I'm in South France, and the only people complaining about free 
speech are the odd negationists, skinheads and other various nazi folks.

The computer room is a public commodity for everyone. So even if an 
adult person is using the computer to peruse www.cumshotfiesta.com or 
the likes, this would probably incommodate other town hall visitors with 

But I've done some research on my own in the meanwhile, I already have 
Squid running on one of my test boxes, and I think Squidguard will do 
the job.

Cheers from the snowy South of France,


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