[CentOS] strange su behavior

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 19:23:09 UTC 2010

>>>>>> Do you have any sudo call from your /etc or /etc/skel bashrc or profile...?
>>>>> Yes, I do have in /etc/bashrc:
>>>>> sudo -l

>>>> Unless you already understood:
>>>>   su -  "make the shell a login shell"
>>>>   so sudo -l  in bashrc is executed, which asks for the user's password

>>> Understood, who is asking - not understood why "sudo -l" is asking for
>>> the password and why just hitting the enter key works

>> sudo -l
>> lists the commands that you are allowed to run with sudo

> That is clear to me, but why does this command request the password?

Do you have rootpw/runaspw/targetpw set in /etc/sudoers?

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