[CentOS] crontab and/or anacrontab ?

Tony Molloy tony.molloy at ul.ie
Thu Mar 11 16:52:56 UTC 2010

On Thursday 11 March 2010 16:00:49 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Tony Molloy wrote:
> > anacron is for machines that are not up 24x7 so they could miss some of
> > the times when "cron jobs" were to be run. So anacron wakes up and checks
> > the /etc/anacrontab file. Then it runs any jobs after a certain delay
> > period ( not at a fixed time )
> ...
> > Hope this helps,
> Sadly, no.
> If "anacron is for machines that are not up 24x7"
> then why run it on machines that are up all the time
> (which I imagine is most CentOS machines)?

It's only on if you have switched it on..
#  chkconfig --list | grep anacron

will tell you if it is switched on

#  chkconfig --level 35 anacon off

will switch it off. on next rebot

#  service anacron stop

will stop it immediatley.

You don't need it on a machine that's up 24x7. cron should handle all your 
scheduled jobs.

By the way I run centos on several of my laptops and they're not up 24x7



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