[CentOS] crontab and/or anacrontab ?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Fri Mar 12 00:33:32 UTC 2010

Tony Molloy wrote:

>> If "anacron is for machines that are not up 24x7"
>> then why run it on machines that are up all the time
>> (which I imagine is most CentOS machines)?
> It's only on if you have switched it on..
> #  chkconfig --list | grep anacron
> will tell you if it is switched on

In my case, it is on (on both my CentOS machines)
but I certainly did not turn it on.
On one machine at least it must have been running
since CentOS was installed.

> By the way I run centos on several of my laptops and they're not up 24x7

Seems a strange distribution to me to run on a laptop.
Don't you find you are missing some things?

In any case, surely CentOS is intended basically for servers,
which are unlikely to be turned off very often?

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