[CentOS] mailman and postfix on CentOS

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 00:27:08 UTC 2010

	I'm trying to get postfix and mailman going on CentOS 5.4. I had this
working previously, six to eight months ago, and shut it down since
the need for use was no longer there. I've now reactivated mailman and
set up a list. The software versions I'm using are httpd 2.2.14,
postfix 2.3.3, and mailman 2.1.9.
All the services are started, the list is created, and email is sent
to the list owner. The problem is reply addresses for subscriptions
are being sent to mailman at domain.com rather than
mailman at lists.domain.com as i want. In the email all the email
addresses point to mailman at lists.domain.com except for the reply to
header that goes to as i said mailman at domain.com. The lists.domain.com
is a subdomain dedicated to the mailing list.The mailman newlist
command correctly creates list aliases in /etc/mailman/aliases file.
Any ideas?

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