[CentOS] Burning data cd in CentOS?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Mar 14 08:20:10 UTC 2010

hadi motamedi wrote:
> Dear All
> I need to burn data cd on my CentOS and open the pdf file on my MS 
> Windows client . My cd drive is at /dev/cdrom that is mounted as 
> /mnt/cdrom . To this end , I issued as the following :
> #cdrecord -v dev=/dev/cdrom myfile
> But the file cannot be opened on ms MS Windows , nor the cd is usable 
> afterwards . Can you please let me know how can I burn this data cd ?

cdrecord needs a .ISO file as its input.  you can use mkisofs to create 
one fromm file(s), its a fairly complex command with a LOT of options, 
but at its simplest, creating a simple RockRidge CD-ROM,

    mkisofs -o mycd.iso -r dir-with-files

the specified dir will become the root of the CD.  then you can use 
cdrecord to burn mycd.iso ...  see the respective man pages for more 

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