[CentOS] How can I access a ZIP file that's over 2Gb?

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 12:51:04 UTC 2010

> The problem with x86 (32-bit) is that there's two different memory limits.
> The total amoumt of accessible memory is 4GB (2^32 Bytes) but the total
> amount of memory per process is limited to 2GB. That means that even on 64-
> bit system and more than 4GB of total memory a 32-bit process cannot
> access more than that, which is why a ZIP file larger than that can cause
> trouble on any system. I highly doubt that Windows will be able to
> decompress that file. Depending on the tool you use (built-in unzip tool?
> Winzip? Winrar? 7-zip?) you might be able to access the file and view its
> contents, but you will probably fail unzipping it.

Someone must not have told Windows (XP 32bit) that then. :-)

I'm staring at a 6.26GB backup of my samba share that WinRAR has no
problems reading & extracting files from. I also routinely burn iso
images of DVD's which are around 4GB.


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