[CentOS] Burning data cd in CentOS?

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>   cdrecord needs a .ISO file as its input.  you can use mkisofs to create
> > one fromm file(s), its a fairly complex command with a LOT of options,
> > but at its simplest, creating a simple RockRidge CD-ROM,
> >
> >    mkisofs -o mycd.iso -r dir-with-files
> >
> > the specified dir will become the root of the CD.  then you can use
> > cdrecord to burn mycd.iso ...  see the respective man pages for more
> > options.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> Thank you for your help . To this end , I am now able to burn my pdf file
> onto data cd on my CentOS . I tried to install Adobe on my CentOS , as the
> following :
> #yum install AdobeReader_enu
> But it didn't get through. Can you please let me know how I can have it so I
> no longer need to open the pdf files on my MS Windows client?

You don't *really* need Adobe Reader under CentOS.  There are *lots* of
open source, third party PDF readers:

evince	-- should already be installed (part of the base CentOS system)
gv	-- available from epel
xpdf	-- also available from epel

Ghostscript will display a PDF file, although Ghostscript has no GUI
(that is what gv is for).  Ghostscript also includes some little
scripts, including pdf2ps, which will convert a PDF file to a PostScript
file.  The resulting PostScript can then be sent to your printer:

pdf2ps somepdffile.pdf - | lpr

(Go to wiki.centos.org and search for 'third party repositories' and
setup the EPel repository -- this will allow you to install gv and xpdf.)

If you *really* must have Adobe Reader, you need to install the Adobe
yum repository.  Visit the Adobe site to get the URL of the Adobe repo RPM.

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