[CentOS] Burning data cd in CentOS?

MHR mhullrich at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 23:36:08 UTC 2010

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 4:03 PM, Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com> wrote:
> Neither does Adobe Reader!  I've envountered PDF files that have been
> simply malformed on some level.  Otherwise it is a matter of how
> bleeding edge the PDF file is, along with issues like non-embeded
> non-standard font references (and this includes PDF files supposedly
> created by Adobe Distiller!).  *I* find Adobe Reader's GUI horrible -- I
> just plain do not like it.

I only have two complaints about AR:

1) It takes forever to get going - a minute or two at startup - seriously.

2) I have a pdf that contains savable fill-in form information, and AR
on CentOS refuses to work with it (it start to read the file and
quits).  eVince can read it, but I can't fill in the form with it.  I
have to use AR on Windoze to work with it.  I have complained to Adobe
about this, along with the fact that they don't have any decent
support for their "free" products, but so far no response (duh - they
think that community forums to which I cannot post are sufficient).

Yes, I realize that AR is a free product, but that's no excuse.  So
are OOo, Mozilla and a whole slew of other, much larger scale products
(e.g., CentOS), and yet they all have methods for obtaining support
and reporting bugs.

No, it's not worth $600 (or whatever Acrobat costs these days) for me,
a broke, individual user trying to scrape by on next to no income (I
can't afford the $300 scanner that comes with a free copy of Acrobat,
or did, either), but that's no excuse.  A good product deserves good
support, and ANY software product should have a mechanism for
reporting bugs.  Period.

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