[CentOS] Whether need to run CentOS Certification test suite to get the CentOS logo

zhang hualan donna.hl.zhang at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 15:32:04 UTC 2010

I have searched related information on the CentOS website, and only get the
answer "Except for CentOS CD/DVD ISOs, you may not use CentOS logos on
merchandise without an individual agreement with the CentOS Project.We need
to approve the use of the logos and will require that you donate a
percentage of your total sales on items using the CentOS logos in this
But I'm still not sure whether CentOS have certification test suite and we
need to run it first, such as we can get Redhat "hardware certified logo" if
we pass the RedHat Certification test suite,eg V7.
Thanks for your attention
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