[CentOS] MySQL max clustering package?

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Wed Mar 17 17:06:08 UTC 2010


> I don't think MySQL replication has an issue with number of writes,

That has been our experience as well.

There are a couple of things to ensure:
1. The databases have to be sized such that they can handle
   all transactions occurring on the entire system, not
   just one side.  
2. The network between them has to be high quality.
   We use premium bandwidth and keep our replicated
   servers in data centers.  No back of the office
   connected via DSL/cable stuff.

As long as that is the case, replication has no problem 
keeping up and the transactions are sent across the 
network very quickly.  It is not real time but close
enough for our needs.


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