[CentOS] Add default quirk to pm-utils (CentOS 5.4)

Martin Jungowski martin at rhm.de
Sat Mar 20 15:44:53 UTC 2010

I've installed CentOS 5.4 on my new Lenovo Ideapad S12 (Atom-based 12" 
notebook) and need to add a quirk to pm-suspend in order for the laptop to 
actually go to sleep. There's a couple of quirks that work just fine so I 
really don't have a preference.

I found several instructions but most of them have failed me because 
CentOS's pm-utils is too ancient. Newer versions come with a parameter 
that adds the quirk to hald automatically, the CentOS version of pm-utils 
does not have this function yet. I've tried adding a /etc/pm/
config.d/99local config file with DISPLAY_QUIRK_VBE_POST="true" and a /etc/
hal/fdi/information/99local-pm-utils-quirks.fdi manually to no avail:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!-- -*- SGML -*- -->
<!-- Created by pm-utils -->
<deviceinfo version="0.2">
<merge key="power_management.quirk.dpms_on" type="bool">false</merge>
<merge key="power_management.quirk.dpms_suspend" type="bool">false</merge>
<merge key="power_management.quirk.vbe_post" type="bool">true</merge>
<merge key="power_management.quirk.vbemode_restore" type="bool">false</
<merge key="power_management.quirk.vbestate_restore" type="bool">false</
<merge key="power_management.quirk.vga_mode_3" type="bool">false</merge>

But nothing seems to work. Running pm-suspend does not do anything, 
running pm-suspend --quirk-vbe-post puts the Laptop to sleep.

Any ideas?

Rieke Computersysteme GmbH
Hellerholz 5
D-82061 Neuried
Email: martin at rhm.de

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