[CentOS] Multipath and iSCSI Targets

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 21:52:48 UTC 2010

>> Depends on the target and the setup, ideally if you have 4 NICs you
>> should be using at least two different VLANs, and since you have 4
>> NICs (I assume for iSCSI only) you should use jumbo frames.
> Jumbo frames should only be used if your CPU can't keep up with the
> load of 4 NICs otherwise it does add some latency to iSCSI.

How much latency are we talking about?

I'm looking into gigabit networks at for both home & work and while
home isn't so much an issue, work could be as I'm in the planning
stages of setting up a gigabit network to allow some iSCSI NAS/SAN
devices to back a bunch of VMware servers that we're due to get for
our next refresh.


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