[CentOS] Multiple FreeNX servers and SSH ports

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Sun Mar 21 15:54:10 UTC 2010


I've setup a small LAN of two desktops running CentOS 5 in a medical 
office. Both are connected to the Internet via a small modem/router.

Recently I played around with FreeNX on my own desktop, and I'd like to 
install it on these two computers. On my PC, I just redirected port 22 
in the router, so SSH (and thus FreeNX) requests from the outside get 
redirected to my desktop PC. (And yes, I have a strong password :oD)

I'd like to handle the two PCs from the medical office remotely with 
FreeNX. I figured that the best way to distinguish them would be to 
assign a different port for SSH to each of them, and then redirect each 
of the ports respectively.

1) How do I choose different port numbers for SSH ? Any conventions or 
caveats for this ?

2) How do I configure these different ports ? By that, I mean : how do I 
tell SSH to use them instead of port 22 ?



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