[CentOS] Looking for experiences with filesystem choices....

JohnS jses27 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 20:18:20 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-03-21 at 14:35 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Ned Slider wrote:
> > Tom Bishop wrote:
> >> Lots of opinions out there and I have read and read, so I have a home server
> >> that I have finally setup with a hot swap hdd cage and what I am planning on
> >> doing is copying my data drive every other day and rotating them offsite,
> >> haven't figured out how often though.  So I did my first test last night and
> >> the backup drive was formatted with ext3 but looking to try to speed things
> >> up and was wondering what would be my best choice.  

Yea a lot of opinions and ideas out.

Stop keeping your user generated data in VMs and instead use NFS or CIFS
for network storage.  Or all together run the VMs from the network.
Then replicate your data.  Rsynce can be cpu bound at times.  

BUT: Since you have one server get a good raid 1 sata card and use it
like arecca.  You don't have to invest a fortune in it.  Finally rsynce
is going to bite you in the a$$ copying live data.  It may work perfect
for the first few times but in the end it will get you.  You have to be
willing to sacrifice data speed for reliability.   Data speed is crap
when it come to reliable data.  Ask yourself if you want your precious
data from 5 years ago or that 1Gig line speed???


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