[CentOS] Kickstart 8TB partition limit?

lhecking at users.sourceforge.net lhecking at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Mar 25 12:59:54 UTC 2010

 I found a kickstart installation with

part pv.100000 --size=1 --grow
volgroup vol0 pv.100000

 creates a partition with a size of 8TB even though more than 9TB is available.
 I need to go in manually with gdisk to destroy the partition and recreate it
 with all available space.

 No filesystem is specified be cause want to use xfs, which kickstart does not
 support out of the box. This is under 5.2, but the 5.3/5.4 relnotes do not
 indicate that this problem has been fixed. Or has it?

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