[CentOS] DRBD,GFS2 and GNBD without all clustered cman stuff

Raffaele Camarda raffaele.camarda at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 17:39:07 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Where i want to arrive:

1) having two storage server replicating partition with DRBD
2) exporting via GNBD from the primary server the drbd with GFS2
3) inporting the GNBD on some nodes and mount it with GFS2

Assuming no logical error are done in the last points logic this is the

Server 1: LogVol09, DRDB configured as /dev/drbd0 replicated to Server 2.
DRBD seems to work perfect as cat /proc/drbd
Server 2: LogVol09, Secondary for /dev/drbd, cat /proc/drbd is ok

What i thought to do was to export via GNBD the /dev/drbd0 to import it on a
couple of nodes. Using GFS2 as FS for concurrent usage.

I got to format the GFS2 FS on the Server 1 drbd0 device. But was unable to
mount it because gfs_controld wasn't accepting connections, i discovered
that cman manage gfs_controld. In any case i started it manually and
discover that it try to use ccsd daemon which i have not installed.

Ok, i do not need to mount it locally so i started configuring GNBD, started
manualli the server end stated the export command...again the cman/ccsd

gnbd_clusterd: ERROR cannot join cman

Now, what i'm asking: am i forced to use all the cluster stuff cman,
ccsd...fence...with this configuration? I would like only to use the tools i
need: DRDB, GNBD and GFS2 without cluster facilities.

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