[CentOS] Network tuning for working with very old Solaris

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sat Mar 27 18:45:02 UTC 2010

Wade Hampton wrote:
> Trying ndd /dev/elx \? results in "couldn't push module 'elx'.....
> so no idea how to tune it.  I can run ndd /dev/ip \?  and I get
> a list of tuneables....

i'm pretty sure its /dev/elx0 or /dev/elx1 or whatever and not just /dev/elx

oldest sol box I still have warm is sol9 on a v240 (dual ultrasparc 
III), with a bge, and it for sure wants /dev/bge0

we never ran much solaris x86 prior to solaris 10, the hardware support 
was too sketchy for us.

> I've been copying data TO the Solaris box for years without
> problems (it is a test machine).  However, when I try to get
> data back to my Linux server, the Solaris server seems to
> lose its networking and I have to reboot it.

FWIW, I *never* liked 3Com adapters, I never understood why they were so 
popular with the PC crowd.

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