[CentOS] Running commercial softwares on CentOS

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at riscworks.net
Mon Mar 29 07:18:54 UTC 2010

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thus James A. Peltier spake:
> On Mon, 29 Mar 2010, Rahul Tidke wrote:
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>> I agree with above facts. But, how do Red Hat provides interoperability in
>> its desktop edition http://www.redhat.com/rhel/desktop/ ? It says that it
>> supports third party apps and MS apps/environment. What software and
>> technologies are used in RHEL for this? I just want to explore the
>> possibilities for using CentOS as a full fledged desktop OS. I have been
>> using CentOS as a server since very long time.
>> Rahul.
> Red Hat uses Wine, but only to support the most commonly used Windows 
> applications like Office, Photoshop, etc.  Engineering applications like 
> AutoCAD are not your "typical" application set and are not but a single 
> blip on the radar.
> Install Windows on KVM and try your apps.  That's the best answer I have 
> for you or that you are likely to get.  I tried it before, a bit over a 
> year ago and it completely sucked (due to reasons stated before).
> I have been using UNIX, BSD and GNU/Linux as a desktop OS for over 10 
> years.  I don't do CAD/Visualization frequently, but when I do I use 
> Windows on hardware.

Ten years ago the last stanza would have been different; remember Sun,
SGI, and HP hardware. (Well, some people still use Solaris and HP-UX for
such purposes today, I recently saw a TV documentary about glaciers
where on of the scientists show some technical stuff on an C8000 :).


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