[CentOS] Disable specific LUN on a SCSI bus

Lorenzo Quatrini lorenzo.quatrini at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 09:21:07 UTC 2010

Hi all,
do you know if there is a way at boot time do disable specific LUN's on a SCSI
bus of a particular controller?
I'm trying to write an udev rule, but it seems that the system ignores the
"vendor" model/name of the controller...

For example: I want to disable /dev/sdb; so I gather some information with
udevinfo -a -p /sys/block/sdb and I try to use them to write


ID=="?:0:1:0", BUS=="scsi", DRIVER=="sd", SYSFS{model}=="DDYS-T36950N    ",
SYSFS{vendor}=="IBM     ", OPTIONS="ignore_device", OPTIONS+="last_rule"

I put the "?" on the ID field because I know that the order of the controller
can change (a kernel update could trigger the switch); also I tried with and
without the spaces at the end of vendor and model: no change

Where am I wrong? It is a different way of doing this?


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