[CentOS] very strange

cahit Eyigünlü cahit.eyigunlu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 06:46:15 UTC 2010

i have 2 servers in a datacenter and each of them has 2 virtual machines one
is linux the other is windows of wirtual machines.
when i want to transfer my ip addresses between theese servers , for ex:
let me say
main server 1' guest windows : A
main server 1' guest CentOs: B
main server 2' guest windows : C
main server 1' guest CentOs: D

when i handle an ip of any computers ip in network from A or C it directly
handles, no matter where the ip routed from cisco router :D
but when i want to handle any computers ip in network from B or D it never
get the ip from other source :D

how this could happen :)
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