[CentOS] Disable specific LUN on a SCSI bus

JohnS jses27 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 13:03:34 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-31 at 14:41 +0200, Lorenzo Quatrini wrote:
> JohnS ha scritto:
> > ---
> > scsi_dev_flags SCSI black/white list.
> > scsi_dev_flags=vendor:model:flags
> > This option lets the user add entries to the SCSI black/white list for
> > a specific vendor and model of device.
> > 
> > Dug it up from my notes. This goes on the kernel boot line.
> > 
> For what I understand it help on enabling/disabling a whole device; I only need
> to disable some LUNS attached to a device... am I wrong? Can this be used to
> disable specific LUN?
I can be sure it has been a few years ago but you probly right in that

The only other idea I know of is to run the Real Time Kernel on those
Blades.  Then you need the kernel tools installed.  Pin down the
specific intterupt that the LUN resides on and blacklist it for that
specific scsi interface.  I dont that that either will get you a per lun
but they run on interrupts so they can be made to persistanly be
disabled.  cat /proc/interrupts will show it should but I must say i
have never disable a LUN through it only NIC devices and moving them
around to other CPUs.

You can use Nates idea also. It will work.  Put you a script in rc.d to
make it persistant.  I have a feeling you will need it in boot order
fashion though.


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