[CentOS] Rsync Directories

Wed May 12 10:29:53 UTC 2010
James Bensley <jwbensley at gmail.com>

Hey List,

I am setting up an rsync daemon (not something I normally do, I
normally use rsync over ssh but I'm trying to set up an rsync server
and have clients sync their local directories with what is on the
server) and I am wondering about the directory entries within the

You can add entries in the rsyncd.conf file for directories such as;

comment = "My example directory"
path /to/example/dir

When using rsync on the client side, how do I specify to only sync the
directories in my rsync daemon config file. As I said, I normally use
rsync over ssh and just rsync <options> /local/dir
user at host:/remote/dir how can I say "rsync <options> user at host
/local/folderlist" and have it sync all the folders configured in the
server's rsync.conf to a folder on a client called /local/folderlist?