[CentOS] xulrunner Does it exist or what?

Fri May 28 11:49:05 UTC 2010
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

According to 'yum info xulrunner' version, release 1.el5_5
exists and is an available package.  But when I try to update it, yum
claims there is nothing to do and when I try a general update, yum
complains that it cannot update firefox because it cannot find xulrunner
>=  What is going on here?

I am doing this on a desktop x86_64 system that I recently brought up
to CentOS 5.5, using the DVD ISO I downloaded to my laptop.  I'd like
to finish this update, but I am having this strange problem.  I am
getting the same problem on my (i686) laptop.  I'm guessing that the
updates repos are presently broken?

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