[CentOS] Formatting file system too slow on CentOS

Mon May 10 03:03:20 UTC 2010
David Suhendrik <david at pnyet.web.id>

Dear All,
I've a new server HP DL 180 G6 with quad core processor, ram 4 GB, hdd 
(WDC) 1x750GB Sata.
I was confused when installing CentOS 5 64bit on that server, I take 
about two hours to format the ext3 file system. is this normal?

Because when I compare with other sata hard drive in another computer 
file system format is not too long like that.
And when I copy the file on the local hard drive for longer time when 
compared with the copy of the file on another server.

How to debug on this issue?

Best regards,