[CentOS] mail server best practices question

Tue May 11 01:47:12 UTC 2010
Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk>

On Monday, May 10, 2010 07:01 PM, Coert wrote:
> Hello all,
> About a year ago I set up a mail server on CentOS using this howto:
> http://wanderingbarque.com/howtos/mailserver/mailserver.html
> I managed to add amavisd-new with clamav and spamassassin.
> It runs very well, but it runs on CentOS 5.2, and if I try to upgrade,
> amavisd-new and clamav break.
> we are now also at the point where a backup mx will need to be implemented.

I run postfix with clamd and spamd 'plugged in' via milter. Amavis is a 
dog. Mind you, I repackage more recent versions of postfix and I have to 
likewise do the milters for clamav and spamassassin.

> If necessary I am willing to implement a new mail server and a new
> backup mx.
> What I would like to know is what solution you guys would recommend for
> the mail server and the backup MX?

'Backup mx' should always have access at least to the same user address 
table that the primary uses. Or just run two identical mx's with the 
same priority.