[CentOS] your session only lasted less than 10 seconds error

Wed May 12 16:09:58 UTC 2010
Chaitanya Yanamadala <dr.virus.india at gmail.com>

Dear roth
This is wt u have started using of filthy language.
For your kind info when some one starts learning obviously makes mistake.
This is the reaosn i have installed it in vbox
Any way thank you for ur help i reinstalled my machine
It is obviously the cent os which got crashed not the vbox i think u
can get this from the error i have posted

On 5/12/10, m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:
> Chaitanya,
>    First, please stop top posting. Email is like a conversation, and
> simply makes more sense if you go to the end, just like reading a
> conversation. DO delete irrelevant stuff.
>>> Chaitanya wrote:
>> This is the exact scenario of my machine.
>> i am running the cent os under my virtual box and i have made a network
>> bridge to that VBOX
> So, what's the host o/s, Windows?
>> so from my machine i connect to the VBOX using the Xshell.
> What are you using, putty?
>> and by the way i am new to linux and this is my test machine so that i do
>> some testing.
> So READ UP on Linux/Unix.
>> this is the F reason i am using the root user.
> DON'T. Either use root only to do maintenance, or just use sudo to do
> that. Do *not* test as a root user, except for things only root can do.
>> what ever os is it i dont think logging in as root user will crash the
>> system.
> It won't. However, if you're exposed to the 'Net, you are begging anyone
> who finds a way to break in to take over your system. Also, doing things
> as root, esp. if you don't know what you're doing, is a wonderful way to
> destroy it. Think "format c:/".
>> regarding the halt command i used it to check what this command will do
>> and this one i have done from the F manual only.
> I have no idea what the "F manual" is. From the command line,
> prompt> man halt
> Linux, unlike Windows, comes with man pages for almost all commands.
>> but now my VBOX machine crashed.
> CentOS crashed, or the VBOX?
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>         mark
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