[CentOS] update of rpm directory

Thu May 13 20:54:55 UTC 2010
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 5/13/2010 3:26 PM, Adrian Sevcenco wrote:
> On 05/13/2010 04:23 PM, Phil Schaffner wrote:
>> Adrian Sevcenco wrote on 05/13/2010 08:49 AM:
>>> Hi! I have an directory full with rpms that are installed on some
>>> machines.. what is the best way to update those rpms to the latest
>>> version? are there more optimal approaches then searching for each rpm
>>> names in an update repo and download one by one?
>> Your question is not very clear.  Do you mean that you have just a local
> Sorry about that..
>> directory of RPMS or that you maintain a local repo?  If just a
> i have just a directory of rpms that are going to be installed through
> some scripting (through PXE) on a bunch of servers. all i need is to
> update the version for the rpms present in that dir
>> directory then you may want to read:
>> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreateLocalRepos
>> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CreateLocalMirror
>> In either case, it you want to see what updates are available from a
>> particular repo, say "reponame":
>> yum --disablerepo \* --enablerepo reponame check-update
>> You could then download and put RPMS in your local repo as desired.
> Thanks it helps! but a little more bit of info^Whints could help even more:
> lets say that on the server i do this stuff (and where is this dir from
> which nodes are installed) everything is up to date.. (and worker nodes
> are NOT updated) and i dont want to ask nodes do give me an "rpm -qa"..
> how can a make a diff (comparing versions) between rpms form local
> directory and update repo? (other than take the rpm name from dir; strip
> name and version ; search in update repo the rpm name ; compare version
> , if newer download rpm )

Why don't you just do the 'yum update' on each box and let it figure out 
and get what is newer itself?

   Les Mikesell
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