[CentOS] Resolv.conf being overwritten

Fri May 21 13:39:29 UTC 2010
Todd Denniston <Todd.Denniston at tsb.cranrdte.navy.mil>

Keith Keller wrote, On 05/21/2010 12:13 AM:
> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 07:02:06PM -0400, Thomas Dukes wrote:
>> I am trying to add to my resolv.conf. I added it through the
>> system-config-network but if I reboot, its gone. I do not have the caching
>> nameserver package installed. My ISP's nameservers are there. It must have
>> something to do with DHCP.
> Yes--DHCP will overwrite resolv.conf by default.  See the various
> options, in particular supersede and prepend, in the man page for
> dhclient.conf.

Unfortunately trying to use dhclient.conf only leads to frustration.
RH/Fedora chose in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth to make the dhcp client only read
/etc/dhclient-eth#.conf and ifup-eth overwrites that file each time the interface is uped.

I am debating having ifup-eth concatenate dhclient.conf into dhclient-eth#.conf when it builds the file.

Can you tell I ran into this problem recently? :{

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