[CentOS] Odd failure of smbd to start from init.d - CentOS 5.4

Fri May 21 14:04:36 UTC 2010
Ross Walker <rswwalker at gmail.com>

On May 20, 2010, at 9:21 AM, Whit Blauvelt <whit at transpect.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> We've got a fresh CentOS 5.4 box, and the only glitch so far is that
> /etc/init.d/smb doesn't start smbd. It claims it does - shows "[ok]"  
> - but
> only nmbd ends up running. Even setting a higher debugging level in  
> the smbd
> flags, nothing logs or shows on the console as to why smbd is  
> immediatly
> quitting.
> To make it stranger, doing this works fine:
>  . /etc/init.d/functions
>  daemon smbd -D
> That's the core of how the /etc/init.d/smb file is set up to start it.
> Except from there it's not working - despite the reported "[ok]".
> Anyone seen this, or have advice on how to debug it?

By any chance did someone add smbd to xinetd?

If so then xinetd has the port open and the smbd process will not bind.