[CentOS] raid resync speed? - laptop drive-

Fri May 21 17:13:43 UTC 2010
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Les Mikesell wrote:
> OK, I can get a full-size Seagate 750G to resync at about 40M/s which 
> easily completes in a workday.  But now what I really want to do is use 
> a laptop size 'WD Scorpio blue' drive which claims to have the same 
> sector count but will only sync at about a tenth of the speed.  It does 
> say it uses 'advanced format', which I think means 4k sectors.  Should 
> that make a difference?  Read speed tests show about the same as the 
> desktop drives but writes are much slower.

 From what I've read, you have to 'trim' those drives much like SSD so 
the partition starts on a 4K boundary.   I understand you can do this 
with parted.