[CentOS] Addressing outgoing connections to a specific interface

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 13:04:38 UTC 2010

On a CentOS 5.5 laptop (Dell Inspiron, dual boot with a Debian-based
distro) I have a cable plugged into eth0 which is on a LAN with no
internet connection. Additionally, I connect wirelessly on wlan0 to
the internet. Both connections have router on  the

Although I need to stay connected to the wireless router, can I still
access the address on the wired interface? Some googling
led me to the keyword "loopback" but I am at a loss as how to
configure it, or if this is even the right idea. If there is a
specific page that I should be reading in the fine manual then please
do RTFM me, as I myself failed to find the proper page.

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen


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