[CentOS] Addressing outgoing connections to a specific interface

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sat Nov 6 13:10:54 EDT 2010

On 11/06/10 7:29 AM, Markus Falb wrote:
> On 06.11.10 15:13, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> To be more specific: I am connected to the internet via wlan0. When I
>> type into my web browser, I get the web control panel of
>> the Linksys router that manages that wireless network. However, at the
>> moment I need to access the web control panel of the D-Link router
>> that manages my eth0 LAN, also on but on the eth0
>> interface. How can this be done?
> Set a temporary additional route
> #$ ip ro add dev eth0
> You can get rid of it again with
> #$ ip ro del

that temporary route will break his internet access, since 
is ALSO his internet gateway on the W-LAN side.

there's no way around this. if you can readdress one or the other LAN, 
then this would just work all the time.

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