[CentOS] Addressing outgoing connections to a specific interface

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Sat Nov 6 18:51:48 UTC 2010

On Nov 6, 2010, at 9:04 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Both connections have router on  the
> address.
> Although I need to stay connected to the wireless router, can I still
> access the address on the wired interface?

What you want is a NAT to take, say, and translate it  
to the eth0 network, where the translation occurs at  
the egress of eth0 (that is, the route is set to go out  
eth0, and the egress (and by extension the ingress) traffic gets  

How you would do this in iptables I'm not sure; I've done it with  
Cisco hardware, as this is a common issue when joining two RFC 1918  
networks together that have overlapping address space.

But at the end you would access and it would get  
translated to at the eth0 point and wouldn't interfere  
with the wlan0 version of the address.  I'm not exactly  
100% sure it can be done without an external NAT box, but a small  
external router that can do NAT would make it much easier.

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