[CentOS] httpd RPM newer than 2.0.63 avail for CentOS 4.x?

Philip Amadeo Saeli psaeli at zorodyne.com
Sun Nov 7 01:17:31 EDT 2010

I'm maintaining an internet-facing web server which is now running httpd
2.0.63 (httpd-2.0.63-2.el4s1.centos.2) which is now neary 2.5 years
old(!?!).  I need to move to either 2.0.64 or 2.2.12 or later.  However,
I've been unable to find available RPMs for such releases for CentOS

I have to believe that others have these needs also.  In light of this,
how do others keep up with security upgrades for the httpd?  I'm rather
new to this aspect of things, so am still in the process of sorting
things out in this regard.

Any help would be appreciated.



Philip Amadeo Saeli
CentOS, RHEL, openSUSE
psaeli at zorodyne.com

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