[CentOS] large numbers of linux system user for postfix

ahmad riza h nst rizahnst at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 07:54:15 EST 2010

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 6:42 PM, Ben McGinnes <ben at adversary.org> wrote:
> On 8/11/10 7:30 PM, ahmad riza h nst wrote:
>> hello,
>> i need to setup a mail server with postfix + dovecot + webmin +
>> virtualmin + virtual user with linux system user. the virtual user
>> may reach to thousands user from several hundreds virtual domains.
> That shouldn't be a problem.  Postfix has had support for this for
> well over a decade.
>> what i concern is large numbers of linux system user which used in
>> these setup, is it good or bad?
> Virtual users with a Postfix/Dovecot installation does not equate to
> real Linux/shell accounts.  If the only service being provided is
> mail, then there's no reason to create real accounts.


the problem is we would use webmin + virtualmin as an interface for
costumers to manage their domain (mainly emails) on the server and
virtualmin don't use/support mysql + vpopmail yet, at least that what
i understand at this moment.

virtualmin choose to use unix system user with postfix, so if i create
an email then it create one unix system user too, this is what i'm
concern, since i don't have any information about what happen to
linux/centos if these unix system user growing bigger and bigger to
reach some thousands users for an example.

>> maybe somebody would share their experience about this setup ?
>> any links would be good.
>> postfix 2.6.7
>> dovecot 2.0.6
>> centos 5.x
> Is there any particular reason you've chosen these versions?  That is,
> are there specific functions which these versions provide that are not
> in prior versions?
> I ask because I'm running these versions in CentOS 5.x:
> postfix-2.3.3-2.1.el5_2.i386
> dovecot-1.0.7-7.el5.i386
> If the only concern is security updates, these are backported to the
> current versions in CentOS.

no particular reason, i just new to postfix, currently i'm qmail +
vpopmail admin.
i read on postfix and dovecot website about latest stable release and
i installed from source :)
i know that centos have postfix + dovecot + mysql as a rpm package.

>> webmin + virtualmin
> I've had no experience with either of these as I edit the config files
> with a text editor.

these webmin + virtualmin mainly for user interface to manage their
domain on the server (just like control panel on hosting server)

> Regards,
> Ben
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