[CentOS] Running a DNS signed zone on Centos 5.5

David S. david at pnyet.web.id
Tue Nov 9 12:45:56 EST 2010

My DNS servers (master slave) already running on CentOS 5.5 both 64 and
I'm using Bind 9.7.2p2 (now is latest version), I never use rpm package
because is so old, I recomended to you for compile the latest version
for more secure and more capability.

About DNSSEC I don't have experience because I'm not try yet :D, but my
bos tell me if DNSSEC needed for more secure. 

Best regards,

On 11/10/2010 12:16 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> My DNS server has been running Centos for some time.
> I am in the process of upgrading it to Centos 5.5 (long overdue, I know).
> Since we now have .com signed I want to get my domain signed as well, 
> but I see that Centos 5.5 is running BIND 9.3.6 and a thread on the BIND 
> list recommends against running a DNSSEC master zone on anything less 
> than 9.6 and you really should be on 9.7.
> The thread DOES mention that some functionality has been backported by 
> RH to what their 9.3.6.
> I did find the following:
> http://jason.roysdon.net/2009/10/16/building-bind-9-6-on-rhel5-centos5-for-dnssec-nsec3-support/
> Is this the best path at this time?  Can anyone point me to other documents?
> I have a server that I can test this out and get everything ready before 
> I upgrade my main Centos DNS server.  This way I can get it right in one 
> try (or that is the dream).
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