[CentOS] Init.d script troubleshooting.

Barry Brimer lists at brimer.org
Tue Nov 9 20:15:00 EST 2010

> Testing the script, both via "/etc/init.d/Fast start" and "service Fast start" works, and it fully works for the implemented "start","stop","status" commands.
> "/etc/rc0.d/K10Fast stop" works as expected. (as does /etc/rc1,2,6 etc..)
> The script contains full paths to everything.
> At boot, the script functions as expected.
> My problem is that at reboot, via shutdown -r or shutdown -h the script does NOT get called, so naturally the system doesn't get to clean up after itself, then it fails to startup correctly next boot.

I believe the name of the script in /etc/init.d needs to match the name of 
the lock file dropped in /var/lock/subsys .. so either change the case of 
your lockfile so it is called "Fast" and not "fast" to match the script or 
change the name of script to "fast" the match the lockfile.  For further 
reference, please examine /etc/init.d/killall.  This is the script that 
stops things that have placed files in /var/lock/subsys.

Hope this helps.

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