[CentOS] future modprobe.conf

Deyan Stoykov dstoykov at uni-ruse.bg
Thu Nov 11 16:32:28 UTC 2010

Jerry Geis wrote:
> centos 5 had modprobe.conf entries for eth0 and if present eth1.
> something like:
> alias eth0 forcedeth
> alias eth1 e1000e
> For the new centos 6 (I have the rhel 6 client installed on my laptop)
> the modprobe.conf file is gone. Which is fine. I understand files can be
> created in /etc/modprobe.d and server the same purpose.
> My question is I dont see (doing a grep) any eth0 alias's in the files 
> in /etc/modprobe.d/*
> My reason is when I have a system with 2 ethernet cards I used to have 
> to specify the order
> of loading. Like:
> install e1000e /sbin/modprobe forcedeth; /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install 
> e1000e
> So I used to grep for eth0 and eth1 do get the module names from 
> modprobe.conf.

You should specify the MAC address of the NIC in 
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX like this:


This is the proper way to do it since at least CentOS 5. Also works in 
case you use 2 NICs that use the same driver.


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