[CentOS] xServes are dead ;-( / SAN Question

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca
Fri Nov 12 14:01:40 UTC 2010

>> >      while true;  do
>> >           your stuff
>> >           sleep 60
>> >      done;
>> Sure, but you also need to start the loop and make sure it doesn't die.
> Put in /etc/inittab
>  ms:2345:respawn:/path/to/my/loop_script
> (where "ms" is unique).
> If the loop dies then init will restart it for you.

I tought of that, and I will be needing something like this, since I have 
some services that need to be restarted in the event of them dying or being 

But I'm not that much confortable scripting a modification of the initab to 
activate / deactivate services on a server-by-server basis. 

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