[CentOS] Gnome-Screensaver Problem

Chi-Duen Poon cdpoon at unc.edu
Fri Nov 12 19:02:49 UTC 2010

Around last weekend, the updated package, 
gnome-screensaver-2.16.1-8.el5_5.1, came in replacing 
gnome-screensaver-2.16.1-8.el5.  Once our CentOS 5.5 machines are 
running the new gnome-screensaver, we start seeing problem in unlocking 
the Gnome screensaver with Kerberos authentication.  Unlocking the 
screensaver with local password works fine.  After we back out from the 
new version, Kerberos authentication to unlock the screensaver works fine.

We have submitted a bug report on this finding.  Do you have any 
workaround besides backing out from the new version?

CD Poon.

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