[CentOS] hwclock problem

Simon Billis simon at houxou.com
Mon Nov 15 11:13:39 UTC 2010


> On 11/14/10 5:38 PM, Jobst Schmalenbach wrote:
> > Ok I try that, but the thing is:
> >
> >   * motherboards not that old
> >   * its exactly 11 hours (+/- a couple of seconds) each time
> sounds like a conflict between time zones.    a PC hardware clock could
> be set to UTC or local time.  I always set my PC Hardware clocks to
> localtime, and make sure Unix knows it.   darnit, I can't remember
> where
> that setting is right now.

Seems to me that the kernel is expecting the hardware clock to be at UTC.
This may be a bug in hwclock or a typo in /etc/sysconfig/clock

Have you tried to setting the hwclock to UTC and leaving it there?

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