[CentOS] RPM/YUM on CentOS 5.4 issue - multiple versions of the same package installed

Gabriel Tabares gabriel.tabares at roboreus.com
Mon Nov 15 13:05:44 UTC 2010

On 11/11/2010 13:47, Gabriel Tabares wrote:
> Hi all,
> We currently have an issue with multiple versions of a custom package
> being installed. The RPM contains a liquibase script (a Java-based DB
> change management tool) and a %post script to run liquibase.
> We are installing with scripts that run "yum update liquibase-script".
> If the %post script runs correctly, it returns 0 and the application
> gets installed correctly but, if the %post script fails, it returns -1
> and the application does get installed, but the old one does not get
> unistalled, so if I run "rpm -qa | grep liquibase-script" I get a list
> of all the versions that have been installed.
> I know that the files have been installed correctly, as the RPM contents
> have the same name but different content and I have checked it.
> Why is this happening?
> I thought that %post scripts failing do not prevent the application to
> installing and that RPM installation is atomic, so installing one
> package will remove the previous verison. Is there any way to prevent
> this issue?
> We're using CentOS 5.4 on x86_64
Any suggestion, guys?



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