[CentOS] SSH keys question

John Kennedy skebi69 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:29:53 UTC 2010

I have 3 servers. All 3 are CentOS 5.5. All 3 have identical
/etc/ssh/sshd_config files. I used ssh-keygen (with no arguments) to
generate keys with no password. I then added all 3 id_rsa.pub keys to the
authorized_keys file.
With this set up, I should be able to ssh between all 3 boxes without
needing a password. The problem is that one of the servers keeps asking for
a password even with the keys set up.

servera --> serverb   No password
serverb --> servera   No password
servera --> serverc   Password
serverc --> servera   No password
serverb --> serverc   Password
serverc --> serverb   No password

If they are all identical from an ssh standpoint (at least the
authorized_keys, /etc/sshd_config, and UID for the user on all 3 hosts), why
will serverc not play nicely with the other 2> Is there something else I
should be checking?


 John Kennedy
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