[CentOS] ssh prompting for password

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at tsb.cranrdte.navy.mil
Tue Nov 16 22:09:55 UTC 2010

bluethundr wrote, On 11/16/2010 04:05 PM:
> hello list
> I have a network mounted home directory shared between all hosts on my network:

> So therefore my RSA key should already be in my authorized_keys on any
> host. However logging into the virtual network, I always get prompted
> for a password. just for the heck of it, I scp'd the key over again to
> one of the virtual hosts:
> [bluethundr at LCENT03:~]#scp .ssh/id_rsa.pub virt1:~
> bluethundr at virt1's password:
> id_rsa.pub
>                100%  381     0.4KB/s   00:00
> ssh'd in:
> [bluethundr at LCENT03:~]#ssh virt1
> bluethundr at virt1's password:
> Last login: Tue Nov 16 15:57:24 2010 from

> Considering that this key is internal network only and doesn't have a
> passphrase set (it does not traverse internet boundaries) why on earth
> am I being prompted for a password whenever I ssh into this machine?
> thanks!

assumption 1: the private key is .ssh/id_rsa.priv (on the starting machine).
assumption 2: you have to tell ssh (actually the ssh agent) which key to use.
assumption 3: .ssh/id_rsa.priv is readable only by the user.
assumption 4: someone has not configured the other machine to disallow keyed login (nuts, but could
happen. PubkeyAuthentication no?).

have you done
`ssh-add .ssh/id_rsa.priv`
before you ssh?

what does
ssh-add -L
ssh-add -l

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