[CentOS] good shell script examples?

洪 川 caoyuwei at vip.qq.com
Wed Nov 17 07:47:17 UTC 2010



for i in $H ; do
    expect << -EOF-
set timeout 2
spawn scp ${rootidfile} root@${host}:/tmp/id_file
expect "d:"
send "${password}\n"
expect eof
spawn ssh ${host}
expect "d:"
send "${password}\n"
expect "#"
send "mkdir -p /root/.ssh; chmod 700 /root/.ssh\n"
expect "#"
send "cat /tmp/id_file >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys\n"
expect "#"
send "rm -f /tmp/id_file; exit\n"
expect eof


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Date:  Tue, Nov 16, 2010 02:47 AM
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Subject:  [CentOS] good shell script examples?

I am looking for a beginner guide to shell scripting simple tasks on CentOS (e.g. ssh'ing into a server / router / switch, checking for certain things, then exiting and going to the next IP).

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? ?(I'm relatively new to bash)
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