[CentOS] Router for SOHO network - hardware considerations

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Mon Nov 22 07:05:47 UTC 2010

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Niki Kovacs said the following on 22/11/10 07:51:

> Is there anything you could especially recommend for this job? (I'm not 
> afraid of getting my hands dirty, BTW :oD)

Consider a type of hardware that needs to be "always on" for a long period of
time maybe in a dirty and hot environment. Also the availability of long time
vendor support is an important issue.

When I needed this type of hardware for similar missions, I found that the
cheapest solution is an entry level server of Dell or HP. They are very silent,
compact, well supported by CentOS and they can be purchased without
pre-installed OEM software.

Both have some BIOS options that you can set to lower power consumption.

Just one thing: keep in mind that HP ProLiant 1xx series has ony 1 year of on
site warranty, compared to 3 years of other ProLiant, at least in Europe.


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