[CentOS] TC Filter Flows & ESFQ - Traffic Shaping

Frederick Abrams fred at intelvision.sc
Mon Nov 22 04:31:54 EST 2010


We currently have ESFQ running on an old Fedora machine and i'm trying 
to build a new router with something similar using CentOS 5.5

The problem is that it seems by default the CentOS is not compiled with 
TC ESFQ or TC filter hash flows

I get the following error: Unknown filter "flow", hence option "hash" is 

How can i add support for the hash flow option or ESFQ or perhaps 
someone can suggest a better option where I can get the same 
functionality of even sharing based on src / dst

tc filter add dev eth0 parent 10: protocol ip handle 10 flow hash keys 
dst divisor 1024


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