[CentOS] Word Perfect [Was: Novell sale news?]

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Tue Nov 23 18:36:57 UTC 2010

On 11/23/2010 12:49 PM, Bill Campbell wrote:
> WP users *LOVED* reveal codes as it allows people to see exactly
> what's going on under the hood, and even fix some things when the
> files get out of whack.  I answered the phone one time, and the
> opening from the caller was ``I want Reveal Codes''.
Well, sorry, but I'm 'lured' into this thread now. I tried to resist.

WordPerfect at one point in time was pretty much the defacto standard 
word processor... at least in the Windows world. This is a prime example 
of Microsoft's not playing fair. They started giving away Microsoft 
Office on just about every new computer with Windows pre-installed. 
Slowly, WordPerfect slipped to second and now almost oblivion. Further, 
if anyone has looked, there is no upgrade path to Office 2010, but 
instead you must buy the full version. So, we have gone from free to 
kill off (almost) all competition to one of the more expensive software 
suites. During this time, it has pretty much become a necessity in the 
business world, as everyone sends around Office filetypes. Crud, even 
certain Cad packages require Word to be installed if you want to use a 
spellchecker in your drawing. At the same time, to me, the Office suite 
has become on of the worst 'bloatwares' on the market. Yes, there are 
legal, medical, bookwriting and all sorts of templates and functions, 
but what most people need is simply a WordProcessor. Yes, I still have 
Perfect Office installed on my Windows system and I very much prefer it 
over Office. Yes, reveal codes is one of the reasons, but I don't feel 
it is bloatware. It has what I need and it is where I can easily find 
it. Also, Quattro runs circles around Excel in data handling and ease of 
use. Just try out the Quattro formula builder and you'll wonder what 
Microsoft was thinking when they built theirs for Excel.

OK, sorry... but this is more of a Microsoft bashing and Perfect Office, 
along with many other innovations have been purchased and buried by M$. 
I hate how they use 'Explorer' for their products. They are 'settlers', 
not 'explorers'.

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