[CentOS] CentOS vs. RHEL vs. Oracle Linux ?

Scott Robbins scottro at nyc.rr.com
Wed Nov 24 15:13:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 12:05:39PM +0000, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:

> On 24 November 2010 11:57, Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> > Well, it's pretty similar.  I'm not sure if I messed up the installation
> > I didn't find a samba package, but as this was for one oracle developer
> > to transfer files, we just used winscp.  (I also didn't look hard for a
> > samba package, at present, this is just a test.)
> Are you sure?

Yes, (I've snipped the rest, where you indicate other places I should
have looked, but thank you.) 

As I said somewhere, I suspect I messed up the install, as I had to
later manually populate /etc/yum.repos.d after googling for where it
should be. 

> > Disk naming seems slightly different--we went with more standard
> > partitions rather than LVM, and rather than /dev/sda and so on, it was
> > /dev---arrgh, I'm not at work, and my mind just went blank--errm, xda
> > and xdb?  At any rate, it will be fairly obvious.
> Nope, all comes as sda/sdb etc. if you don't use LVM unless your
> external storage is funky.

Hrrm.  Ok, this is installation on a VMware esx server, using, when
asked to choose guest, an oracle machine.  Devices are xvda and xvdb.  

(Maybe something to do with it being on ESXi?  On another, ESX 3.5
server, all RH is /dev/sda).

Along with, I'm sure, the OP, I want to thank you for this post, it
makes me realize that if we definitely do this for real, there are
obviously some things I missed.

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